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Olivier Hidalgo is Certified in Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, Ho’oponopono, NLP, Mindfulness Meditation and Reiki.

Consulting Hypnotist. Ericksonian Hypnosis. NLP Master Practitioner. Reiki Master.

 Mindfulness Master Practitioner.

Neuro-Linguistic Coach.

Member in Good Standing of National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), NLP Global Standards and Sociedad Internacional de Hipnosis Clínica (SIHC)(Spanish).

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Hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation, NLP, Reiki, and Life Coaching. We are not a medical facility. We follow the regulations and laws in Ontario regarding Consulting Hypnotism and the recommendations of the NGH.

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Hypnosis is a natural process that you experience many times in a day. We can teach you and guide you in how to use it to reach your personal and business goals.

You will experience the power of your mind in as little as one session.

What’s Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique that takes you to the hypnotic state, which is a state of high focused attention and concentration where you temporarily bypass the Critical Faculty or Critical Factor, access your subconscious more easily and accept positive suggestions.

Hypnosis is not a sleep state, you are never asleep. You are never “under” hypnosis. The Hypnotic State, some times called Trance, is very similar to daydreaming … very similar but not the same.  You are so concentrated, so focused that you could lose track of the time and your surroundings, but you are always “aware”. If for example a fire alarm sounds you will react and get out of hypnosis completely.

The Hypnotic State in Hypnosis can be a relaxed state, but you can also be hypnotized and active, like in Stage Hypnosis.

Hypnosis uses the power of suggestion. Suggestions in hypnosis become more powerful that suggestions using only willpower.

There are many scientific studies that prove the efficacy of hypnosis in a wide variety of situations or problems.

One important point for those who believe that hypnosis is having you mind empty … well is not, hypnosis is having your mind totally focused in something, someone or a goal. Hypnosis is not demoniac and it is not occultism.

Some applications of Hypnosis:

Is Hypnosis real?

From Brain Oscillations, Hypnosis, and Hypnotizability. Mark P. Jensen, Tomonori Adachi, and Shahin Hakimian,

“The knowledge gained from this research has had a tremendous impact on the field, both by helping to validate the effects of hypnosis as being “real” (i.e., as having reliable effects on objective measures of brain activity and function) and by increasing our understanding of the biological mechanisms of hypnosis.”

 “The Efficacy, Safety and Applications of Medical Hypnosis A Systematic Review of Meta-analyses Winfried Häuser, PD Dr., Maria Hagl, Dr. phil. Dipl.-Psych., Albrecht Schmierer, Dr., and Ernil Hansen.”

“Out of the 391 publications retrieved, five were reports of meta-analyses that met our inclusion criteria. One of these meta-analyses was of high methodological quality; three were of moderate quality, and one was of poor quality. Hypnosis was superior to controls with respect to the reduction of pain and emotional stress during medical interventions ...”

From the following articles.

What is Covert Hypnosis?

Is the communication with another person's subconscious without informing the person that she/he is being hypnotized.

Covert Hypnosis is also known as Conversational Hypnosis.

One interesting point to debate is the fact that in Hypnosis we always want the person to be aware that he/she is being hypnotized. We want the person to says “yes, I want to be hypnotized”, “yes I want to be hypnotize by you”. In Conversational hypnosis the person is not aware that he/she is being hypnotized.

Covert Hypnosis – Conversational Hypnosis – get the agreement to be hypnotized in a very subtle way ... in a covert way, using a very specif structure of language that “talks directly” to the subconscious mind. The key is to gain rapport.

Covert Hypnosis is very similar to Indirect Hypnosis as used by Dr. Milton H. Erickson.

What’s the difference between Stage Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Consulting Hypnotism?

Let’s start by saying that .. hypnosis is the technique that creates tthe hypnotic state, hypnotism is how you do it, hypnotist is the person who guides you.

Hypnosis is a state where you are able to access your subconscious by bypassing the Critical Factor (CF) or Critical Faculty. You are more open to suggestions that are not against your moral principles and you can create powerful changes. Hypnosis is not mind control. It is not a special power.

The Critical Factor or Critical Faculty is not a physical part of your brain, but a concept to explain how your mind works. The Critical Factor(CF) decides what your mind takes as true. Notice that I didn’t say “accepts the truth”, but an interpretation of what is true for you. If for example when you were a child your parents told you that you were not smart, there is a point where your CF accepts that as true, even if it false.

Stage Hypnosis is the use of hypnosis for “amusing” … for fun … theatrical … entertainment purposes.

Usually the hypnotist will ask for volunteers. Then the hypnotist will do games — usually suggestibility tests — to find out which volunteers will go into hypnosis easier. Volunteers are usually people eager to participate and are happy to follow instructions and do crazy things because they can always blame “the power of the hypnotist”.

The hypnotist will also play the part of “power and control”.

Most Stage Hypnosis shows are real. Very few are fake and prepared. (Notice … I said “very few”, most are real).

The keys in Stage Hypnosis are the ability of the hypnotist to show power and control and the eagerness of the volunteers.

Hypnotherapy or Clinical Hypnosis is the use of Hypnosis as therapy by Health Care Professionals. It is the use of hypnosis to change bad habits, addictions or/and medical related problems.

Different countries, states, provinces have different laws and regulations about whom can do hypnotherapy. In some countries if you have training in Hypnosis you can call yourself a hypnotherapist, in others only Health Care Professionals, can say that they do Hypnotherapy.

Consulting Hypnotist is a totally different profession. He/she is a person who has formal training and certification in hypnosis, but he/she is not a Health Care Professional. In reality the process, hypnosis, is the same, but the application is different and called “Consulting Hypnotism”.